Here’s a list of products you need for installing earthworks and water storage containers.  Some of the websites offer useful information to plan a project too.


Read how local, state and federal regulations support Green Infrastructure in the urban built environment.  Also browse through the Links on the right sidebar for more informational websites.


Compost pumice mix

Compost with pumice mix, Soilutions

In the arid landscapes of the West, compost is an essential organic component of productive soil.

It may be added to water harvesting basins, depending on the site’s original soil and the needs of nearby plants.

Make your own

Research composting methods before you start.  Composting classes and useful information are easy to find at Bernalillo County Master Composters.


If you have too much plant material or kitchen food waste for your own composting system, give your browns and greens to farming and gardening neighbors.

The City of Albuquerque picks up brushy and leafy plant materials on green waste pick-up days to make compost and mulch, keeping organic material out of the landfill.


Bags – Nurseries and Home & Garden stores

Bulk (by the cubic yard), worms, wire bin – Soilutions


Mulching shades the ground, retains moisture, and nurtures the small and microscopic critters that create living soil.

Mulch is a key ingredient for water-infiltrating bottoms of basins and swales.

Make your own

Recycle your branches and dead trees by renting a wood chipper from a Home & Garden store.  Or hire someone who is handy around machinery!   Be safe: helmet, goggles, gloves, ear plugs and protective clothing.

Pick it up

Professional arborists and tree care companies often have extra wood mulch from trees they care for. They might deliver or you may have to pick it up.  Best seasons for pruning: fall and spring.


Bags – Nurseries and Home & Garden stores
Bulk (by the cubic yard) – Soilutions


Rain barrels for a Rose Garden

Rain barrels, Wyoming Library

Rain barrels store a limited amount of water – from 55 to 500 gallons.

Connect two or more together to make a series of barrels.

Make your own

Re-purposed barrels can be found at low cost on Craigslist – farm and gardening.  You pick up.

BlueBarrel build a system of blue barrels with a  DIY kit to meet your needs.  Easy process and delivery from northern CA.

Aquabarrel, MD – Conversion Kits for barrels


Tijeras RainBarrels, Albuquerque  – food-grade virgin resin barrels

Rebates / Incentives

Property owners in the unincorporated area of Bernalillo County who aren’t customers of the Water Authority can apply for a 100-gallon rainbarrel with installation support for $40.

Find many rebates from the Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority.   You buy a barrel and send in the required form with the receipt.  The rebate amount is based on the size of the barrel.   “Tree-bates” help pay for tree maintenance, such as irrigation equipment, fertilization or professional tree care.



1000 gallon tank and custom fittings


The types of above-ground tanks listed below are poly plastic, galvanized steel, and a unique custom blend.   Sizes (in gallons) range from 500 to thousands.   The costs may range from $0.50 to $2 per gallon of storage capacity.

Dahl, Santa Fe

Loomis Tank Centers, Arizona / NM – poly plastic & galvanized steel tanks

Mountain & Mesa Construction, Tres Piedras, NM – poly plastic tanks

RainVessels, Santa Fe – high-strength components and rigid foam insulation tanks

Water Storage Tanks, Cloudcroft & Tularosa – NM poly plastic tanks

Corgal Water Tanks, Austin, TX – galvanized steel tanks

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