Photo Gallery

The gallery features three major types of water harvesting strategies, starting from the ground up:   Soil Stabilization and Health; Earthworks; Storage – Tanks and Barrels.

Rainwater harvesting strategies are appearing in all types of landscapes in New Mexico: commercial spaces, on streets, in parks, and in residential yards.  Many places throughout the arid West offer opportunities to slow, spread and sink stormwater for beneficial uses.  Sites shown are in the Albuquerque area, Santa Fe, and in Tucson, AZ.

Where are potential sites located?  Look at the Opportunity Sites at the end!

Soil Stabilization and Health

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Earthworks – Basins, Swales, Berms

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Storage: Tanks (Cisterns) & Barrels

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Opportunity Sites

Local rainwater harvesting can occur where the rain falls, collects, flows and floods!  Sites that offer opportunities include driveways, yards, parking lots, streets, parks, community centers and other civic spaces.

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In New Mexico, rainwater that falls upon a property can be used on that site.  Rainwater is a natural, to nurture perennial, native plants, a vegetable garden, and fruit trees; and to support bees, beneficial insects, and other wildlife with their water needs.   Small and large spaces that capture, slow, and spread rainwater become cool places for people too.

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