Querencia Green is a community outreach and information program based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The goal is to share information about projects, skills and services related to water harvesting and green infrastructure in the region.

What is “Querencia”?

Querencia is an old Spanish word with layers of meaning, including love of place, affection for home, and favorite spot.   One of the most vital actions of our time is to support people in the places where they live and grow.  Water is a basic need for all beings.  We should use it responsibly .

Program Manager – Joanne McEntire

Joanne is certified by the Watershed Management Group in Water Harvesting.  She also studied rainwater harvesting with ARCSA (the American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association), and she’s a member of the Bernalillo County Master Composters Association.  Joanne holds a M.S. degree in Regional and Community Planning from the University of Arizona in Tucson.   She has lived in New Mexico for a couple decades or more.


Joanne offers site assessment and design concepts for water harvesting to customers as part of her business, J. McEntire llc.  She also delivers planning services for community-based projects.  Contact her at querenciagreen@gmail.com for more information on arranging a visit to your site.

J. McEntire llc has provided community planning and program development services for over five years.  Joanne has collaborated with local governments, private companies, neighborhoods, and advocacy organizations.   She served in leadership roles for the International District Community Trail, Albuquerque Prescription Trails, and Querencia Green’s demonstration projects.


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