Inspiration on PBS KNME in January 2015

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New Mexico’s PBS station KNME will broadcast the documentary film WATER BLUES GREEN SOLUTIONS in January 2015.  The film presents US cities that are using stormwater to generate resilient landscapes in public parks, school yards and along streets.  Local Green Infrastructure supporters and designers made a request with Querencia Green to KNME to air the program – and KNME scheduled it on two stations.

  • Mon. Jan. 12          10:00 pm        KNME 5.1
  • Wed. Jan. 14           5:00 am         KNME 5.1
  • Sun. Jan. 25            9:00 pm         KNMD 9.1

The stories about urban water are from Philadelphia PA, Portland OR, The Bronx of  NYC and San Antonio TX (with its thorough water conservation and re-use strategy).  Neighbors and youth are involved in some of the featured projects, generating ecological know-how and job skills.

In addition to the video, WATER BLUES GREEN SOLUTIONS offers a website with tools for activating green solutions for flooding, pollution, and scarcity. It includes K-12 and higher education learning modules that could be adapted for arid places.  The video can be purchased on DVD.

“This initiative is designed to promote public education and awareness of “green infrastructure” and how natural processes can interface with and complement existing gray or manmade infrastructure. The ultimate project goal is an informed citizenry that is empowered to participate in the development of place specific strategies for addressing water issues.”   Penn State Media

Community work

Earthworks installation, Penn State Media

Many  green infrastructure techniques that work in wet climates have been adapted to suit the Southwest’s arid places; numerous New Mexicans are testing and implementing them.  A few of our community places highlight water harvesting, soil building strategies and native plants that support pollinators and other wildlife.  Expertise is growing as open courses for practitioners are offered.

Local government agencies have started to change the rules about stormwater to encourage rainwater harvesting with beneficial uses.  There are several wonderful environmental education programs that guide young people to care for the Rio Grande watershed.

More inspiration is advisable.  Watch WATER BLUES GREEN SOLUTIONS.

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