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Our vision is to restore “querencia,” a sense of affection and care for place across Albuquerque neighborhoods.

We live in the arid West, and we are learning how to respond to rising temperatures and increased demands on limited water.  Querencia Green supports people who exchange, share, and develop skills and materials in their neighborhoods.  Cooperation is celebrated as projects to support healthy food, water, energy, housing, and transportation are created.  

Visit: Rainwater Harvesting and Green Infrastructure Demonstration Program 


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News: Water Harvesting Workshop, Garden Park Views - The monsoon in central New Mexico has been delightful, frustrating, spotty and intense – we know what “variable” means!  Climate change is leading to more variability in precipitation while average monthly temperatures are on the rise.  We protect and enhance our places when we slow the flow of stormwater and efficiently use it for outdoor […]
Earthworks working at Tijeras Creek - A few days after a sole spring shower, a few explorers walked through the Tijeras Creek Restoration site with Jim Brooks.  Tijeras Creek is a tributary of the middle Rio Grande watershed, flowing westward in the canyon between the Sandia and Manzano mountains, near Interstate 40.  Jim designs and constructs resilient green infrastructure using permaculture […]