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Our vision is to restore “querencia,” a sense of affection and care for place across Albuquerque neighborhoods.

We live in the Southwest US and must learn how to respond to rising temperatures and increased demands on limited water.  We support people who exchange, share, and develop skills and materials in their neighborhoods.  Cooperation is celebrated as projects to support healthy food, water, energy, housing, and transportation are created.  

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Designing to dig: La Mesa Garden Park - Our second demonstration project reached an important milestone: Alicia Petersen presented the rainwater harvesting design plans for La Mesa Neighborhood Garden Park to the community partners. The plan features two basins along the sidewalks to collect stormwater from the site and support native trees and shrubs with edible berries. The Desert Willow and New Mexico Olive […]
La Mesa Neighborhood Garden Park: A Green Infrastructure Demonstration Project - Consider a vacant lot on a neighborhood corner: flat, barren ground.  A school is across the street and a church is on another corner.  Imagine a park that’s a garden, an outdoor classroom, and a community gathering space.  Its name is La Mesa Neighborhood Garden Park. Seventy-five people gathered at La Mesa Presbyterian Church in […]