Water.  Learn.  Conserve.  Restore.

 Basin edge with new sage

We live in the arid West, and we’re learning how to respond to rising temperatures and increased demands on limited water.  Every individual can conserve water inside their home and find ways to wisely use rainwater and greywater outside.  

Querencia Green is a community program in Albuquerque, New Mexico that celebrates water harvesting projects and programs that lead to community resilience.  This website describes green infrastructure projects that re-connect water to land and people to place.  

The idea of querencia, a sense of affection and care for place, provides inspiration to love and nurture what nurtures us.  

Rainwater Harvesting Projects and Opportunities in the Southwest – two photo galleries, updated periodically.

View key steps of an earthworks installation with the Water Harvesting Certification Course crew.

Work Parties Move Earth for Water - Volunteer and come to a work party at community sites on Sunday, May 3. Together with Soilution’s Adaptive Terrain Systems and East Central Ministries, Querencia Green is hosting a field trip for participants in the national River Rally.   Visitors will stop at La Mesa Neighborhood Garden Park and the Tijeras Creek Restoration site, two community-driven, outdoor […]
Planting the Water for Green Learning Spaces - Do you have a favorite school, one that you attended, or where your children learn?  Do the outdoor areas provide a natural experience?  It seems that many school campuses around Albuquerque have unused spaces that could offer students outdoor opportunities. Other schools feature water-friendly green infrastructure with new facilities that are designed by professionals. A […]
Inspiration on PBS KNME in January 2015 - New Mexico’s PBS station KNME will broadcast the documentary film WATER BLUES GREEN SOLUTIONS in January 2015.  The film presents US cities that are using stormwater to generate resilient landscapes in public parks, school yards and along streets.  Local Green Infrastructure supporters and designers made a request with Querencia Green to KNME to air the program – and KNME scheduled […]